About Us

Wayne Street UMC is a group of people striving together to live out God’s plan for our lives.  “Love God, Love People, Change the World”- it’s more than our motto, it’s our way of life. All that’s missing is you.

Our Services

Engage with the scripture of the day during our worship services at Wayne Street UMC. You’ll find two different services - one traditional, one contemporary - with the same message at each. That’s because the Word of God is timeless and relevant to every season of life.  

We would love to have you join us at the service that’s most meaningful to you so you can be uplifted as you lift up the name of Jesus.  

Sermons at Wayne Street are generally a part of a series. That means we’ll spend a period of time on a section of the Bible (like Ephesians) or follow a particular character’s story (like Nehemiah). All of the sermons are designed to stand alone, so don’t worry about joining us during the middle of a series.  The purpose of each series is to develop a topic over time so we can explore in a deeper way.

You’ll also find time for fellowship between the two services to give you a chance to make new friends here at Wayne Street UMC.

First Light – 8:30 a.m.

First Light is our traditional service. This means we will use the Lord’s Prayer, sing hymns led by the organist and sing the Doxology.  While this is a come-as-you-are service as far how you dress, Pastor Tim will wear a robe. From September to May, this service also features the Chancel Choir. This service will uplift you through traditional ways of connecting to Jesus.

Awaken – 10:45 a.m.

Awaken is our contemporary service, featuring music lead by the Awaken Band. The band leads the congregation in singing songs you hear on the radio as well as teach you a few new songs you may not have heard yet. Often, people will come to the front so we can lay hands on them in prayer. This is a high-energy service that is designed not only to move you but also deepen your walk with Jesus. Dress is very casual - Pastor Tim wears his tennis shoes.

WOW (Worship Our Way) Children’s Worship - 10:45 a.m.

During AWAKEN, children (from 3 years old to fifth grade) gather in the lower level of the education building. This is an opportunity for them to actively worship God and enjoy fellowship and an experience designed for them.

Core Values

We hold strong to three core principles:

Belong. Believe. Be transformed.

We accept all people into our church, because God accepts everyone. We wrestle with faith, helping each other to know the truth. We equip people to embrace Christ and apply Him to their daily lives.

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Get to Know Us

Our staff is glad to serve you in whatever you need as you become acquainted with Wayne Street UMC. Feel free to contact anyone below with questions about his or her particular ministry or area.

Tim Benjamin
Senior Pastor
Jessica Skinner
Director of Children’s Discipleship
Alina Olding
Office Manager
Parker Miley
Student Intern
Angie Myers
Angie Myers
Financial Controller
Pam Wendel
Pam Wendel
Organist & Sunday School Superintendent
Josh Barnes
Josh Barnes
Awaken Worship Leader
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith
First Light Worship Leader
kendra syndram
Kendra Syndram
Nursery Coordinator
Fred Hullinger
Fred Hullinger
gary wibbeler
Gary Wibbeler
Assistant Custodian
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