Love God, Love People, Change the World


Confirmation begins a journey of discipleship for a teenager. It is a time to affirm (and re-affirm) ones faith and baptismal vows. Confirmation is not a means to an end, rather it is a tool used in furthering one’s walk with Christ, and one’s commitment to their church community.

At Wayne Street Church, our Confirmation classes are for anyone in 8th grade or higher. Classes are Sunday mornings in the spring, from 9:40-10:30, in the Youth Area.

In our Confirmation ministry, we have the following expectations for our students: participate in service projects, attend the Confirmation retreat, stay active in youth group and church, and meet regularly with a mentor.

Service Projects

While our relationship with Jesus is personal, it is also active and public. We are known by the love we share with one another and by the fruit we bear. In this regard, acts of service are an important aspect of our Confirmation journey. Each student is required to participate in a service project during their Confirmation retreat.


During the year, we will have a retreat for all students. We will leave Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon. The first part of our retreat will be held at Beth Messiah Congregation, a Messianic Jewish community. From there, we will head to Lower Lights Ministries, where we will do a project and serve a meal to low-income families. We will spend the night and attend worship the following morning.


Parents play a huge part in our Confirmation journey, too! Aside from the Youth Director, the parent is the main source of encouragement and direction in this journey for a student. At the end of the day, you, the parent, are the ones that influence your child the most. We need you!

If you are interested in signing up for Confirmation, or as a mentor, please contact the Director of Student and Family Ministries at 419-300-8674 or by email.