Love God, Love People, Change the World


Where Do I Start?

Not everyone begins their spiritual journey at the same place or in the same way. For many, worship is the first step on the journey of faith. You may have started by serving in missions, or maybe you attended a class, a social event, or connection group. Wherever you begin, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with our pastors, adult leaders and  other participants who are beginning to explore a deeper faith.

Small Groups

There are many small groups at Wayne Street Church which meet around various topics and at various times.  Some are short term, some are long term.  Some meet weekly, some meet monthly.  Some are focused on a topic or task, and some are more centered around fellowship.  All of them are concerned with our growth as disciples.

Bible Studies

Pastors and gifted leaders guide studies of various books of the Bible. Contact the church office for more details.

Sunday School

Anglers Class is an adult Sunday School class that meets to learn more about the awesome power of God. We are all young families trying to apply God’s Word to our busy/stressful lives with kids and jobs.  We use all kinds of media to learn.  We have used books and DVDs to guide our discussions.  Most importantly, we try to stay connected outside of the classroom with get-togethers and mission projects inside the church.  Classes are every Sunday at 9:45 a.m.

Basic Bible Class uses the Adult Bible Studies lessons, “an official resource for The United Methodist Church approved by the General Board of Discipleship…”  Each quarter brings new insights into God’s Word.  This class is mostly attended by our senior parishioners, but it is open to any adult.  Interest is kept high by the rotation of volunteer leaders.


Spiritual Retreat

The Walk to Emmaus is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that begins with a three-day short course in Christianity.  It is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God’s grace and love is revealed to you through other believers.  Emmaus is open to persons of any Christian denomination and is for the development of Christian leaders who

  • are members of a local church.
  • have a desire to strengthen their spiritual lives.
  • may have unanswered questions about their faith.
  • understand that being a Christian involves responsibility.
  • are willing to dedicate their everyday lives to God in an ongoing manner.

Contact our pastor or the church office for more information.