Love God, Love People, Change the World


Stewardship is how we respond to God’s gracious gifts to us. Throughout scripture, we are called to care for and wisely use God’s wonderful blessings, not only for ourselves but to preserve it for future generations until Christ comes again. We demonstrate our love for God and the depth of our faith by how we live out our stewardship responsibilities.

God has dedicated Himself to love and care for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shouldn’t we, in return, show our love to God by tithing our life to Him? We are able to do this by interacting with God in the following ways: spending quiet time with Him in prayer and through Bible study, sharing God’s relational love with others and using our God-given spiritual gifts and talents to further His kingdom’s work. Through our participation in worship, Sunday school, Bible studies, connection groups, short and long term mission opportunities, serving in the church and sharing our monetary resources, we honor God by becoming His hands, feet, and voice in the community and world.