Love God, Love People, Change the World


The purpose of Wayne Street Church is to love God, love people, and change the world.  We serve God, one another, and the world through our worship, fellowship, and service.  Through our various mission projects our reach extends from St. Marys, Ohio to literally the ends of the earth.  We are all about reflecting the love of God to our community and the world.  To that end, we have identified the following as central to who we are.

Although we have not seen Jesus, we believe in Him and accept Him as the Lord of our life.

We live by grace – a free unmerited gift of God. It is though God’s grace that our actions against God (sins) have been forgiven, that we receive our Spiritual gift(s), and that we grow in a relationship with God.

We live our lives following the Word of God, Christ’s example and through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We live our life and faith humbly.

It is important to structure our worship, teaching, ministry, activities, etc. in ways that connect with the segment of society we are reaching out to at the time.

All persons are of sacred worth and value and are welcome as part of our congregations.

In all we do, we strive to present our very best to honor God and attract others to Him.

Our life is a real and true representation of our faith.

It is through group experiences and encounters that we build community and share and deepen our faith.

Characteristics of a Disciple
As a follower of Jesus (a disciple), certain attributes shine forth that describe a disciple of Jesus Christ. A follower of Jesus Christ:

  • Understands they are saved by grace.
  • Is led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Is Christ-centered not self-centered.
  • Is motivated by love.
  • Is outreach-oriented.
  • Has daily devotional time with God.
  • Is engaged in growth / accountability groups.
  • Desires to discover and use the spiritual gift(s) that God has given them.
  • Is passionate about the “service group” in which they are actively involved.
  • Recognizes that all persons are of sacred worth to God and should matter to them as well.
  • Lives their life in a way that points others to Jesus.
  • Supports the vision of the church through proportional giving.